Android Notifications and Analytics

BuzzBox SDK is currently in Beta. Download here.
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Note: BuzzBox Analytics has been discontinued. BuzzBox Scheduler can still be downloaded and used.

Android Notification Library - Introduction

BuzzBox SDK for Android application developers

The BuzzBox SDK enables you to easily add a scheduler to your App. With few lines of code you can add a background task and app-side notifications. Besides, BuzzBox SDK also include free realtime analytics, so you can monitor in real time how many user are installing and using your App. Notifications and Analytics are tighly integrated, but you can use only want you need.

Use only what you need, BuzzBox SDK is highly customizable:

Real Time Analytics for Android

The developer needs to do very little work to provide value to the user and also increase retention, visits/user and perceived value of the product. The app-side notifications do not require any server side code, so the implementation costs are minimal. The SDK is modularized, so it can be customized by the developer. We have added notifications to over many apps in the Android Marketplace, catch up to what everyone is doing.

Start with the Hello World example to integrate the SDK in your App.

Notification Examples
Notifications can be as simple or complicated like

1. BACKGROUND TASKS: Monday night, run this task
* Get analytics and send to my server at this URL
* Clean out pictures in memory older than week

2. REMINDERS: Monday mornings, send this message as a notification to the phone
* Reminder to look at finances
* Take a break, play Cut The Rope

3. UPDATES: Check Monday morning this URL for a message, if new item exists then send that message as a notification to the phone
* A New Level exists in Angry Birds
* Summary of Facebook Fan Page Data

4. SIMPLE ALERTS: Check every hour, RSS URL or API, if new item exists then send notification to the phone
* A new article on Techcrunch
* A new offer at GroupOn

5. COMPLEX ALERTS: Check every 30min, API and filter based on user inputted settings, if new item then send notification to the phone
* A new email from Salesforce contact John Doerr
* A new Camry on sale in 94123 with 50 miles on AutoTrader

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